Shaderlight Cloud Rendering Wins AIA Best in Show

Shaderlight Cloud Rendering, powered by Limitless Computing, is not even released yet and is already award-winning. We previewed Shaderlight Cloud Rendering at the American Institute of Architects 2012 convention in mid-May and it won runner-up in Architosh’s Best of Show AIA National Awards in the desktop category.

“Shaderlight deserves recognition as the first cloud-based rendering solution for Google’s popular SketchUp rendering program,” wrote Anthony Frausto-Robledo, publisher and editor-in-chief of Architosh. “With this unique solution, SketchUp users can produce photo-realistic renders of their models at up to 5x speeds faster than on the desktop and up to 128x faster at animations.”

The Shaderlight Cloud Rendering plug-in uses the power of high-performance computers on the cloud to deliver high quality photo-realistic renderings fast without tying up your desktop. See a sneak preview now of the high quality and time savings you can expect with the new Shaderlight Cloud Rendering plug-in.

Shaderlight Cloud Rendering will be available June 2012!

If you would like more information about Shaderlight Cloud Rendering, please contact us at 877.663.3797, see our  press release, or contact our press rep Marilyn Kroner.

ArtVPS and Limitless Bring Google SketchUp Rendering to the Cloud

Limitless and ArtVPS will be previewing our new Shaderlight Cloud Rendering for Google SketchUp at the American Institute of Architects (AIA 2012) convention in Washington, DC this week (May 17-19) in Booth #1908. Shaderlight Cloud Rendering is the first, and only, SketchUp rendering plug-in to use the power of the cloud to deliver high quality photorealistic renderings fast without tying up your desktop. See a sneak preview now of the high quality and time savings you can expect with the new Shaderlight Cloud Rendering plug-in.
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Test Drive Our Products at AIA 2011 – Booth #3509

Rendering on the cloud for Revit Architecture or preview our newest Augmented Reality iPad 2 app for Google Sketchup

I am pleased to announce we will be exhibiting products for Autodesk Revit® Architecture® and Google Sketchup™ at the AIA National Convention in New Orleans, LA, May 12-14.

Stop by booth #3509 in the Software Pavilion to try out one of our Revit Architecture cloud products:

• CloudRender™ for Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011 & 2012: The CloudRender add-in allows one-click rendering to the cloud directly from Revit while enabling simultaneous modeling. Scenes render faster with top quality to meet your tight deadlines. Using the cloud means workstations are free for other projects. Download the add-in.

• Limitless Rendering™ for Autodesk Revit Architecture 2009-2012: This online service utilizes high performance computers on the cloud to render both Revit scenes and many walkthroughs in only 24 hours.

Or preview our newest mobile application:

• SightSpace™ 3D for Google Sketchup: This Augmented Reality app for the iPad® 2 not only views Google Sketchup files but allows you to see SketchUp models superimposed over the landscape in real-time. With SightSpace 3D, you can view models in the real world prior to construction.

If you can’t make it to New Orleans, visit us at or call us at 877.663.3797.

CloudRender For Autodesk Revit Architecture 2012 Available for Download

CloudRender™ for Autodesk® Revit® Architecture 2012 is available for download. The CloudRender add-in enables users to render faster directly from Revit using the power of cloud computing while continuing to model. The add-in is also compatible with Revit Architecture 2011. Users on Revit 2010 and earlier may render scenes through our complete online service, Limitless Rendering. This service also renders both scenes and walkthroughs (and is also compatible with Revit Architecture 2012-2009).

For more information, contact us at 877.663.3797 or visit us at

CloudRender Version 1.1 Release: High and Low Priority Pricing

High and Low Priority Pricing

Today we are releasing an update to our CloudRender ™ for Autodesk® Revit® Architecture® 2011, an add-in that off-loads rendering to cloud computers and enables architects to continuing working in Revit. Version 1.1 introduces a new pricing feature: high and low priority pricing. (If you have received quotes from us, this system is familiar to you.) At checkout, you will see these two options.

  • The high priority system is ideal for tight deadlines and utilizes a large amount of computing power to quickly deliver Revit renders.  The price reflects the computing power required. 
  • If you choose the low priority option, your render will run on fewer computers and result in a lower price. Select this option if you have a longer timescale. The low priority system will render your scene faster than a local Revit system but slower than our high priority.

The low and high priority systems are ideal to meet both a wide variety of deadlines and budgets with the added benefit of freeing up local workstations and continuing to model in Revit Architecture. CloudRender™ Version 1.1 can be downloaded here.

Questions or comments? Call us at 877.663.3797.

LCI Partners With Autodesk

Great news! I am pleased to announce that LCI has been accepted into the Autodesk® Developer Network (ADN). As an Autodesk partner, we will now be developing custom add-ons for Autodesk® Revit® Architecture and other software products.  Our current offering is Limitless Rendering, an online rendering service for Revit Architecture that utilizes high performance computers on the cloud to render faster and free up local workstations. As a member of the ADN, we will expand cloud computing offerings in the AEC industry. Look for a new product release in the upcoming weeks.