We are Presenting! AIA New Technologies | Alliances | Practices: Multi-venue Conference

We are pleased to announce our lead cloud computing specialist, Mr. Jeffrey Franklin, will be presenting on the Benefits and Limits of Cloud Computing to architects at the AIA NTAP Conference: Technology in Project Design, Delivery and Facility Management. Held on November 12 at nine venues across the country and also available over the web, Jeffrey will be presenting a rapid-fire Pecha Kucha presentation of 20 slides of 20 seconds each. His talk will be included in a technology section of the conference focusing on BIM in architecture and the preliminary schedule is available. If you are interested in cloud computing or BIM on the cloud, this conference is for you.

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Our Principal is Going Behind the Scenes at Shuttle Discovery Launch

There is a modern day Golden Ticket contest and it is called #NasaTweetup. For followers of @NASA on Twitter,  the agency randomly selected 150 people to attend the final launch of shuttle Discovery.  I won that  Golden Ticket… but not right away. I didn’t win in the first round, I was wait listed. People who won had to decline or simply not register. NASA then randomly selected from the 150 wait listers. I waited an entire week, fate just testing how much I wanted to go to get behind the scene tours of Kennedy Space Center, meet astronauts, and talk with real shuttle experts (see more about #NASATweetup here http://bit.ly/96okQV).  Now I am clearing the four step credentials process…

This is the second to last launch ever of the shuttle, STS-133, and I get to be there.  I am stupid happy and will be tweeting like mad. I hope some of you join me.