CloudRender For Autodesk Revit Architecture 2012 Available for Download

CloudRender™ for Autodesk® Revit® Architecture 2012 is available for download. The CloudRender add-in enables users to render faster directly from Revit using the power of cloud computing while continuing to model. The add-in is also compatible with Revit Architecture 2011. Users on Revit 2010 and earlier may render scenes through our complete online service, Limitless Rendering. This service also renders both scenes and walkthroughs (and is also compatible with Revit Architecture 2012-2009).

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What is the Cloud and Cloud Computing?

 I have been thinking about writing a blog on the cloud for a long time and am doing so thanks to one of my twitter followers (@galinahelpme) who had some questions about cloud computing.

Cloud has become a hot term but one that is used extensively without definition. It is often vague and undefined. This leads to another problem: if you ask ten people for a definition, you will undoubtedly get ten widely differing answers.  Some will be highly technical, others more tangible and understandable. I prefer accessible language and definitions that do not require an entire paragraph. I am going to define the cloud and cloud computing and discuss types of clouds. In an upcoming posts