Shaderlight Cloud Goes Mobile


Screenshot of a Shaderlight render on an iPad 3 (model courtesy Hilliard Architects).

Do you need to show a Shaderlight render to a client but you’re in the field? Want to check on the rendering status of a scene or animation? Forgot to download a render before you left the office? With the new, and free, Shaderlight Cloud Viewer, you have the power to view Trimble SketchUp renders anywhere using an Apple or Android device. View completed scenes and animations, check on the status of in-progress renders, and download and display renders. The Shaderlight Cloud Viewer, combined with Shaderlight desktop software, will increase the effectiveness of your rendering workflow. With the convenience of mobile, your high quality, photo-realistic scenes and animations are available anytime you need them.

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Shaderlight Cloud Rendering for SketchUp Now Available!

Limitless and ArtVPS, the makers of Shaderlight for SketchUp, are pleased to announce that the award-winning Shaderlight Cloud Rendering is now available! The Shaderlight Cloud is the first, and only, SketchUp rendering plug-in to use the power of the cloud to deliver high quality photorealistic renderings fast without tying up your desktop. If you are not yet a Shaderlight user, there is a 14 day free trial available to test it out.

Shaderlight Scene

A frame from a Shaderlight Cloud Rendering animation, courtesy of Shaderlight (please click for full 720p image).

We have been in beta testing for a while with some great SketchUp users before going live. Landscape architect Daniel Tal was one of our testers and noted that the cloud reduces animation render times, “The system is also ideal for rendering animations – putting them in reach for most companies and SketchUp users. Using the Shaderlight Cloud Rendering service allows designers to generate beautiful rendered animations clearly articulating design themes and ideas.” Eric Schimelpfenig, specialist in 3D solutions for kitchen and bathrooms and founder of, observed that the addition of cloud rendering to Shaderlight is a big speed improvement. In his own words: “This new version of Shaderlight takes your ordinary machine and straps a rocket pack to it. Renders have never looked so good, so fast.”

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Shaderlight Cloud Rendering Wins AIA Best in Show

Shaderlight Cloud Rendering, powered by Limitless Computing, is not even released yet and is already award-winning. We previewed Shaderlight Cloud Rendering at the American Institute of Architects 2012 convention in mid-May and it won runner-up in Architosh’s Best of Show AIA National Awards in the desktop category.

“Shaderlight deserves recognition as the first cloud-based rendering solution for Google’s popular SketchUp rendering program,” wrote Anthony Frausto-Robledo, publisher and editor-in-chief of Architosh. “With this unique solution, SketchUp users can produce photo-realistic renders of their models at up to 5x speeds faster than on the desktop and up to 128x faster at animations.”

The Shaderlight Cloud Rendering plug-in uses the power of high-performance computers on the cloud to deliver high quality photo-realistic renderings fast without tying up your desktop. See a sneak preview now of the high quality and time savings you can expect with the new Shaderlight Cloud Rendering plug-in.

Shaderlight Cloud Rendering will be available June 2012!

If you would like more information about Shaderlight Cloud Rendering, please contact us at 877.663.3797, see our  press release, or contact our press rep Marilyn Kroner.