Introducing SightSpace View for SketchUp: share, communicate, and experience designs

At AIA 2013, we introduced our newest product for Trimble SketchUp: SightSpace View. Have you ever wanted to share your designs with a client? Want to show people passing by a construction site how the building will look when completed? All of this and more is possible with SightSpace View.  It is a plugin and companion mobile app to connect any Trimble SketchUp digital model with a QR code for a mobile Augmented Reality experience.  When the code is scanned with the free View mobile app, users experience the 3D design overlaid onto the real-world using the live camera feed of the device (see image below for a small-scale example).

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SightSpace 3D for Android Now in Four Languages


Great news! Our popular SightSpace 3D mobile viewer with Augmented Reality is now available for download for Android devices in four languages: English, Chinese (simplified), French, and Spanish! If you are not familiar with SightSpace, it is a viewer for SketchUp files (in .KMZ format) on Android (and Apple) devices. It is a powerful tool to visualize a SketchUp model in the real world, in place, by using Augmented Reality technology.  Move the device and the view changes in real-time. Additional features include stereoscopic red/cyan 3D, annotate 3D models, bookmark favorite views, take screenshots, share notes and photos, and more.

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VYZAR Launch at CES 2013: 2D, 3D, and Animated Mobile Augmented Reality

VYZAR logo

Have you ever wanted to interact with the digital in the real world? Now it is possible with our VYZAR 3D engine and Augmented Reality technology that is launching at CES 2013.  The VYZAR engine overlays 2D, 3D, and animated virtual objects on the real world and powers mobile applications on both the Apple and Android platform including SightSpace 3D, Circulizar Gifts, and Virtual Holidays.
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Circulizar V1.1 now available: interactive, animated & virtual gifts for Facebook

I am pleased to announce that our update for Circulizar is now available on the iTunes App Store! If you are new to Circulizar, it is a free app to send virtual, interactive, and animated presents to your Facebook friends. Select a present (there are lots of options!), choose a friend, and your virtual gift is wrapped and sent. Your friend receives a Facebook notification that a gift is waiting to be unwrapped. The unwrapped gift can be placed into the real world, moved, and re-sized. You can also share pictures of your gift.

gift shop

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Circulizar Virtual Gift-giving app for Facebook: now available on iTunes

We are excited to announce the release of our free and newest app for Apple devices: Circulizar! We have combined our experience with emerging technologies into this virtual gift-giving app where Facebook users can interact with the fully animated gift in a real-world background and real time.


Screenshot of a snowflake present overlaid on the real-world (from iPhone 5).

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SightSpace 3D New Features Sneak Peek at AIA 2012

Dog House SKP

Why is this image so special? Other than the adorable puppy?

We are previewing new features for our SightSpace 3D mobile application for Google SketchUp at the American Institute of Architects convention in Washington, DC this week (May 17-19) in Booth #1908. The dog house included in this post is a clue to one of our features because it is very special. If you are not familiar with SightSpace, it views Google SketchUp files on Apple and Android devices in Augmented Reality by superimposing the digital designs in the real-world in real-time, enabling you to walk through the model by simply moving your device. Additional features include stereoscopic red/cyan 3D, annotate 3D models, bookmark favorite views, take screenshots, share notes and photos, and more.
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