SightSpace 3D for Android Now in Four Languages


Great news! Our popular SightSpace 3D mobile viewer with Augmented Reality is now available for download for Android devices in four languages: English, Chinese (simplified), French, and Spanish! If you are not familiar with SightSpace, it is a viewer for SketchUp files (in .KMZ format) on Android (and Apple) devices. It is a powerful tool to visualize a SketchUp model in the real world, in place, by using Augmented Reality technology.  Move the device and the view changes in real-time. Additional features include stereoscopic red/cyan 3D, annotate 3D models, bookmark favorite views, take screenshots, share notes and photos, and more.

Augmented Reality

3D SketchUp model overlain into the real environment using SightSpace 3D (screenshot from iPhone 5; model courtesy Hilliard Architects).

SightSpace 3D is available for download now:

    • For Android devices on Google Play (formerly the Android Market) in four languages
    • For Apple devices on the iTunes App Store Available in four languages.

Localized badges

  • For Kindle Fire as a viewer only, without Augmented Reality capabilities.

If you would like more information about SightSpace 3D, please email us at or contact our press rep Marilyn Kroner.