6Sight 2012: Imaging and Augmented Reality

Our own Jeff Franklin joined analysts, innovators, and experts in imaging and Augmented Reality in New York City for the 6Sight Conference. Jeff was part of a panel that discussed Augmented Reality and intelligent imaging – being able to determine various types of information from an image such as object and facial recognition – and image context. Image context includes being at a dinner party and photos from the party are searchable with information related to the dinner party. The purpose of intelligent imaging is that people take a large quantity of pictures, so information is attached to the images for quick retrieval when searched. This is a fast moving field and full of emerging technology, so expect to hear more! What were hot topics at the conference? They included mobile cameras improving in quality, being able to share pictures easier (think a “connected camera”), intelligent imaging, and, of course, augmented reality.

Jeff Photo

Jeff Franklin (center) on the Imaging and Augmented Reality panel at 6Sight (photo courtesy Joe Byrd).

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Augmented Reality for ArchiCAD Models: SightSpace 3D Workflow


SightSpace 3D is a mobile viewer for Google SketchUp files that is available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.  One of its best features, however, is Augmented Reality mode where users can overlay their geo-located digital SketchUp files onto the physical world.  The possibilities for this app are endless and include previewing construction, education, and interior design.  Due to the popularity of the Augmented Reality feature, we wanted to incorporate other 3D modeling programs into our mobile SightSpace app so they could also experience AR. The first workflow I will be discussing is from ArchiCAD. I used ArchiCAD 15 and Google SketchUp 8, but this should work on other versions.

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SightSpace 3D for Google SketchUp: Q & A

We recently launched our mobile viewer with augmented reality, SightSpace 3D for Google SketchUp.  You can read a great blog entry on the Official Google Blog. Since the launch, we have receive some great questions and I have aggregated them into the top topics to provide some more information. If you have more questions, check out our Support Page.

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