Easy Render Pricing on the Cloud: CloudRender for Revit Architecture


Pricing for Revit Architecture 2011-2013 cloud rendering. The final price is based on image size and the number of lights. Every 25 lights increases the price by 1X for the corresponding image size.

We are revising our pricing for our CloudRender â„¢ service for Autodesk Revit Architecture so you can both predict a price and adjust your image to lower the price.  The pricing remains upfront as always after you preview your scene but now is even easier because it is based on two factors: 1) the size of your rendered image and 2) the number of lights. The chart above gives an overview of the pricing for our high priority system that utilizes high performance computers on the cloud to render scenes. If you have a longer time frame, you can choose low priority at checkout and pay a lower price. Our CloudRender add-in is also compatible with Revit 2011 & 2012. Not familiar with CloudRender? Using the mental ray rendering engine, CloudRender offers upfront pricing, unlimited simultaneous renders, and custom material and RPC/entourage support. Need a walkthrough? Select “walkthrough” from the CloudRender add-in to receive a quote and we can deliver most walkthroughs and animations within 24 hours.

For more information, contact us at 877.663.3797 or visit us at www.LimitlessComputing.com.