SightSpace Augmented Reality Updated for iPhone 6 & iOS 8

The new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iOS 8 are here and we have updated
our SightSpace line of mobile tools to support them! SightSpace 3D for Apple loads SketchUp files (versions 8 and later) in the native .SKP format (as well as .KMZ and .KML).. There is no need to use a plugin, export the file, or place it on a website in order to view your model on-the-go. Place your SketchUp model right onto your device using iTunes or USB, Dropbox, email, or the new 3D Warehouse (yes, we updated to support the new Warehouse!) If you are not familiar with this powerful mobile tool, SightSpace enables you to not only take your model mobile, but also to use Augmented Reality to overlay it onto the live camera feed of a device. View your model in the real world, in real-time.

SightSpace 3D comes with a 14 day free trial of a SightSpace Pro subscription to unlock advanced features and capabilities  including connecting an external GPS for accurate Augmented Reality, location markers for Augmented Reality that are ideal for indoor use, photo markup and annotation, animated bookmarks, dimensions, and more.

SightSpace 3D is available for download now (USD $39.99):

If you would like more information about our SightSpace products, please email us at or contact our press rep Marilyn Kroner.