SightSpace Augmented Reality Now Supports SketchUp 2015

Our powerful SightSpace mobile app to combine virtual 3D models with the real world now supports SketchUp 2015. Place SketchUp 2015 models directly onto your Apple or Android phones and tablets using iTunes, USB, Dropbox, or the 3D Warehouse and overlay them in the real world, to scale, and visualized in real-time. SightSpace preserves the privacy of your models and does not require uploading to a public website. By storing models directly on mobile devices, internet connectivity is not required while on the job site.

SightSpace 3D mobile enables you to annotate models, bookmark views, take screenshots, and share notes and photos. It is available in English, Spanish, French, and Chinese. SightSpace 3D comes with a 14-day free trial of a SightSpace Pro subscription to unlock advanced features and capabilities including connecting an external GPS for accurate AR, location markers for AR that are ideal for indoor use, photo markup and annotation, animated bookmarks, dimensions, and more. SightSpace 3D is available for download now (USD $39.99):

If you would like more information about our SightSpace products, please email us at, check out our press release, or contact our press rep Marilyn Kroner.