CES 2013 Wrap-up: the launch of VYZAR

Mobility Awards

I have just returned from CES 2013 where we launched our VYZAR Augmented Reality technology! For those of you who are not familiar, CES is the Consumer Electronics Show and is the biggest in the world with over 150,000 attendees and a massive amount of floor space (1.9 million sq ft). You exhibit at CES to show off your awesome new product and that is exactly what we did by choosing to launch our new VYZAR Augmented Reality technology. VYZAR is an engine for Apple and Android to combine the digital with real life by overlaying 2D, 3D, and animated virtual data onto the live camera feed of a mobile device. It can be licensed to developers (with a fully documented SDK), built into custom apps, and we build our own apps using VYZAR technology including SightSpace 3D (and Free-D), Circulizar Gifts, and Virtual Holidays. VYZAR definitely made a splash as 20,000 products were launched at CES and VYZAR was one of 12 featured in the official CES press release.

We were fortunate enough to have had a press conference (sandwiched between Intel and Samsung, but people still came!) as well as an exhibitor booth. This has resulted in some great coverage of VYZAR Augmented Reality, including from the International Business Times, Canadian Business News Network, and within Architecture from the Architechnologist.


Our 10×10 booth complete with interactive display for our mobile technology.

Our 10×10 booth was our little corner of the massive CES world with interactive displays of our mobile apps. Our booth was designed in the program Trimble SketchUp and we used our own SightSpace 3D app to place all of the pieces (I am going to cover this in a later blog as a case study.)


Jeffrey Franklin presents VYZAR Augmented Reality technology at the CES 2013 Mobility Awards.

We were also nominated for a CES 2013 Mobility Award for Technology Innovation and for our app, Circulizar Gifts. There was a dinner to announce the winners (not us, sadly), keynote presentations from companies like AT&T and Samsung, and technology presentations featuring new products. We presented our VYZAR Augmented Reality engine and two different ways to use the technology: professionally in SightSpace 3D and for entertainment in Circulizar Gifts. One of the technologies that really caught my attention was from a start-up, Pelican Imaging, just coming out of stealth mode. Pelican makes a camera for mobile devices that gives pixel depth, meaning you can obtain 3D information from a 2D image. Awesome implications for Augmented Reality. We also connected with Apkudo, a company that tests your app on all available Android devices. We are going to be trying them out for our Augmented Reality technology.

I sat a table with some gentlemen from Samsung and there was also a presentation. Samsung is moving strongly into the professional area of B2B and consulting extensively with company IT departments to make them comfortable with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and using Samsung products. They had a huge presence at CES and are really making a push into new markets. Samsung is positioning itself as a  formidable opponent for Apple and I am hoping this will foster some great innovation in mobile.

In closing, CES is a show with fabulous opportunities for start-ups such as us and I am pleased by how warmly our VYZAR technology was welcomed.

If you would like more information about VYZAR or any of our mobile apps please email us at info@LimitlessComputing.com, see our press release, or contact our press rep Marilyn Kroner.

To experience VYZAR technology, download the free showcase app now:

Download for Apple devices on iTunes.

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