Virtual Holidays for Apple Now Available: dress up, decorate, and let it snow

We have released our newest mobile app for iPads and iPhones to celebrate the holidays: Virtual Holidays!  Dress up as an elf, reindeer or more and decorate your space with items of the season.


Screenshot from Virtual Holidays of items available.

What can you do with Virtual Holidays?

  • Make is snow anywhere, even inside your house
  • Decorate with a selection of animated Holiday items: Christmas tree, wreath, menorah, gift boxes, gingerbread man, and dreidel.
  • Dress up with a Santa beard or Holiday Hats: elf, reindeer ears, halo, Santa hat, and mistletole.
  • Celebrate New Year’s with confetti, balloons, hearts, candy, music notes, and more.
  • Dress up with a selection of costumes, take pictures, and share with your friends.

How does it work? By overlaying virtual items and animations into your real world environment, they become fully interactive. and can be moved, rotated, and re-sized.


Screenshot of a virtual Christmas Tree superimposed on a real environment, in real-time.


  • View fun and interactive decorations in your own space
  • Place virtual costumes onto yourself, in real-time
  • Play with Christmas and Holiday hats
  • Interact with virtual holiday items by re-sizing and moving
  • Share photos of you dressed up and your space decorated

Virtual Holidays is available for download now on the iTunes App Store, as a universal app for iPad 2+ and iPhone 4+, for $1.99.

Questions? Drop us an email at, contact our press rep Marilyn Kroner, or check out our Virtual Holidays Facebook page.


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