SightSpace 3D V 1.2 Available: Google SketchUp iPad/iPhone viewer with Augmented Reality

AR Green BuildingI am pleased to announce that an update for our mobile SightSpace 3D viewer for Google SketchUp is now available on the iTunes App Store. SightSpace views Google SketchUp files in .kmz format on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. It also reads files from the Google 3D Warehouse and .kmz geometry from Google Earth (points, linestrings, polygons without holes). One of the most powerful features is Augmented Reality mode where any of these geo-located digital models can be overlain onto the live camera feed of the device (e.g. iPad 2, iPhone 4 or 4S) to directly interact with the model (walk through it, around it, view it to scale).

What’s New

  • Compatibility with devices running the newest iOS 5
  • The addition of an in-app help guide to answer the most common questions
  • Improved handling of Saved Views as Bookmarks
  • Convenient reload of last opened model – SightSpace will remember the last model when the app was closed and reload it upon opening
  • Some minor bug fixes and continued memory improvement

Any questions or comments? Email us at, call us at 877.663.3797, or visit our support page. You can also check out our tutorial videos on Youtube.

Augmented Reality for ArchiCAD Models: SightSpace 3D Workflow


SightSpace 3D is a mobile viewer for Google SketchUp files that is available on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.  One of its best features, however, is Augmented Reality mode where users can overlay their geo-located digital SketchUp files onto the physical world.  The possibilities for this app are endless and include previewing construction, education, and interior design.  Due to the popularity of the Augmented Reality feature, we wanted to incorporate other 3D modeling programs into our mobile SightSpace app so they could also experience AR. The first workflow I will be discussing is from ArchiCAD. I used ArchiCAD 15 and Google SketchUp 8, but this should work on other versions.

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SightSpace 3D Version 1.1 Released

I am pleased to announce an update to our mobile SightSpace 3D app for Google SketchUp. Thank you to the SketchUp community for all of the great feedback; we have been able to incorporate some great new features into SightSpace 3D V. 1.1. The update is available on the iTunes App Store and includes the following enhancements:

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SightSpace 3D for Google SketchUp: Q & A

We recently launched our mobile viewer with augmented reality, SightSpace 3D for Google SketchUp.  You can read a great blog entry on the Official Google Blog. Since the launch, we have receive some great questions and I have aggregated them into the top topics to provide some more information. If you have more questions, check out our Support Page.

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Test Drive Our Products at AIA 2011 – Booth #3509

Rendering on the cloud for Revit Architecture or preview our newest Augmented Reality iPad 2 app for Google Sketchup

I am pleased to announce we will be exhibiting products for Autodesk Revit® Architecture® and Google Sketchup™ at the AIA National Convention in New Orleans, LA, May 12-14.

Stop by booth #3509 in the Software Pavilion to try out one of our Revit Architecture cloud products:

• CloudRender™ for Autodesk Revit Architecture 2011 & 2012: The CloudRender add-in allows one-click rendering to the cloud directly from Revit while enabling simultaneous modeling. Scenes render faster with top quality to meet your tight deadlines. Using the cloud means workstations are free for other projects. Download the add-in.

• Limitless Rendering™ for Autodesk Revit Architecture 2009-2012: This online service utilizes high performance computers on the cloud to render both Revit scenes and many walkthroughs in only 24 hours.

Or preview our newest mobile application:

• SightSpace™ 3D for Google Sketchup: This Augmented Reality app for the iPad® 2 not only views Google Sketchup files but allows you to see SketchUp models superimposed over the landscape in real-time. With SightSpace 3D, you can view models in the real world prior to construction.

If you can’t make it to New Orleans, visit us at or call us at 877.663.3797.