SightSpace v1.1 Update for Android now Available

I am pleased to announce the SightSpace 3D v1.1 update for Android devices is now available on Google Play. If you are not familiar with SightSpace, it views SketchUp (and other KMZ format files) on Apple and Android devices in Augmented Reality by superimposing the digital designs in the real-world in real-time, enabling you to walk through the model by simply moving your device. Additional features include stereoscopic red/cyan 3D, annotate 3D models, bookmark favorite views, take screenshots, share notes and photos, and more.

The SightSpace mobile app for SketchUp has the following improvements for Android:

  1. Compatibility for Android devices running 4.1 (Jelly Bean)
  2. Addition of a slider to control how sensitive your device is in Augmented Reality mode (this will only appear if your device has a gyroscope). As of right now, SightSpace is able to run on over 1300 hundred DIFFERENT models of Android devices. That is a lot of variation for us to account for. Each device is slightly different, so to give you the best experience, this slider will control how much movement the device picks up from you.
  3. Improvement of our custom VYZAR Augmented Reality engine and various bug fixes.

Note that SightSpace has a very cool feature that we designed ourselves: built in stabilization in Augmented Reality. When you hold your device still, SightSpace will always correct the orientation of the model. This may take a few seconds. I have included a video below of how to use the automatic Android Augmented Reality stabilization for SightSpace so you can see this in action.

SightSpace 3D is available for download now:

If you would like more information about SightSpace 3D, please email us at or contact our press rep Marilyn Kroner.

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